Education means to get into IIT, IIM, NIFT and other top major institutes across the country which builds world class technical graduates as society worship them and companies pay them heavily for their skills. Is it so the definition of education?  

I  don’t know when but the concept came into the society that a person earning more is more educated , a person succeeding more is more educated , a person seen in more events as a guest is more educated. I was wondering about the thoughts of education why it is so? Then I realized it’s not the person but the bundle of degrees behind the person is highlighting him/her as a more educated in the society.

I personally accept the fact that education is not just about degrees its more about sense of humor , touch of emotions , understanding of feelings , judgment of right and wrong , respect of others but is it so in the society ? If not... then why?

Education is seen as a bundle of degrees now .A painter is uneducated if he/she has not a degree in painting and it does not depend upon the amount of education his/her paintings conveying to the society. A writer’s imagination is of no use if he/she is not holding a degree in literature. It’s the society who makes it compulsory to have a certificate of degree before excelling in any field.

Is it only the degrees responsible for educating a person? Is it a person who is illiterate by degree does not have any sort of education?

Education means not to have just degree but to have knowledge about that degree , education is not to earning more but to dressing the mind more with the thoughts , education is just not to succeeding more but to succeeding the soul in the work . Education is not just to mug the concepts and earn the marks it is more to understand the concepts and to use it for the society.

I salute to those who earned respect in the society not on the basis of degree but on the basis of their work in the society. A college drop outs can become entrepreneur and world richest person, it’s only the vision towards the work a person doing in the right way called to him an educated person.

Need your comments if you think either in favor or against .


  1. Yes.i am glad there are people like us who look beyond the Bundle of Degrees which has become the Mandatory need to prove your skill Unfortunately.

    1. thanks :) I hope there will be more people who will welcome the fact that knowledge is above all these bundle of degrees .



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