Talent Passion Struggle- turned a musician life to a Success


Here I am introducing you with the personality having a highly motivating dreams, uncountable amount of passion, faced a lot of struggle in his life but a successful today “SURYA SINGH “. The life of every person went on in a same way; it’s the decision across their journey that changed him/her to a unique personality. I am fortunate to tell you the story of his journey from a simple family to a known musician today-

Early Life-
Surya Singh was born in Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) in a middle class family. It was hard for him to grow in a society where artists are seen as useless personalities, there was no scope in the environment for music. Surya Singh not like other boys was a patient of Asthma and had 3 major attacks in duration of 10 years before the age of 14.Facing death very closely can change the entire personality of a person but what about child? He took it as the positive way, each attack filled him with a new energy and had learned about struggle and survival, and nobody knows the value of life at that time but he learned about the importance of breathing and living. There was no expectation from the society to this person as most of them thought what he can do in his life expect surviving his own. He was like a free bird; he did a lot of yoga to improve his lung power to sing quite well.

How music entered in his soul?
It was during the school performances that changed him to learn and think about music, in every national festivals his father used to teach him to sing a patriotic song , he learned it every time and performed well . So he was a regular performer in schools. He created a myth in his mind that his father will support in his music which remains a myth till the end.

In class 9th first time he saw a drum kit and was fell in love with its grand structure and dominating power , here starts his first learning in the guidance of Mr. Jefferson of G.N national public school. The artist was born in his soul. He never turned back from that day instead the whole family starts opposing him to do so when they realized music is going to be the profession for him.
India’s got talent season1, some local performances in concert made him famous in a town soon but he has nothing to do his life living in search of college dreams in school with his friends Ali and Sankalp.

Life @ College –
Everybody see about the infrastructure , placements faculty , alumni , teaching but he was searching about his friend Sankalp and possibility of rock band and its setup .He was crazy about music did a lot of expectations from it, joined different bands struggled a lot to survive in it. Then he got a music circle come out with the guys in their own styles appreciated by the seniors of the college who were earlier didn’t supporting anything.

4 years of college that he had spent is all around music , no distractions , no girl friends , no activities but did only music performed in lot of shows , lot of events and a lots of competitions , won across many prizes , experiences but there were no end.

Motivation for music in college days
There were no motivation for him; he was never cared about anything except music. He himself was the motivation for others. Rock concerts were come as a dream of him in his college days.

I was very motivated after listening all and asked some questions that strikes in my mind.

Why did you choose music instead belonging from an engineering background?
I believed being a musician, drumming has gifted to me by god into my soul. I don’t want to insult his gift. Instead of being worshipping the god I worship the music (a gift). Being a musician is all about being a free bird. I simply follow my heart and never care about searching all the things and making my mind to do so. The interest in Technology made me to do engineering that I am using in my studio .This is my life profession nothing else, I see myself complete with my passion that is music.

How did you manage both music and studies?
The extent to which I had given importance to music it was hard for me to handle both. But for those who have it as a hobby and passion. It is easy if you are not punishing yourself being without music. When I was head of my band and society as well I was cultural chief in my final year , I had to do a lot of meetings responsibilities with a lot of stuffs around it .since I was happy giving 100 percent to music to let people know my competence .I was focused on academics too in my major project. I had secured 75% aggregate in academics and the max in my project which was among the most successful projects. In terms of success my band euphony was one of the most reputed bands for that time because of its unique series of shows and awards....
You can find the link on facebook.com/euphonyendeavour.

Tell me something about your journey across different bands?
I have worked with a lot of bands from very famous one to the worst ones as well and have seen a lot of money in doing what I love to do. But for me my band members are the most competent people I find to play with Anurag Chandra on lead guitar, Sankalp Bansal on base guitar , mukesh chaturvedi on bass guitar or table ,vocals by nakul tewari , rishabh tiwari, himanshu. I play drums and back vocals with a lot of studio work for layering drums track. My target is to work with the band anuragi which is number 2 in reverbnation ranking but I still want to work with it instead I had worked with number one bands.

Your live shows Experiences and awards?
Every musician has a dream of live audience; giving live performance on stage is the best experience a musician can earn. I have given around 100 numbers of shows, concerts and competitions. I remember when we won 3rd prize in Nokia Fever Jam for rock genre with very limited resources. We have won a loads war of bands.

Tell something about initial days of Euphony, the divine icon?
Euphony was actually a college society rather band with very limited scope of music .i joined the band with a crazy action entry of disaster ragging and luckily I got selected in it ,then nearly 6 months i served them water and jacks and all the stuff opened doors before they reached to a compromised., then i realized to replace their drummer. I started searching for musicians in my hostel made a band and started making business of donation for band in very first year of my college. My seniors kicked my back because of this act but they were kind enough to understand my craze and craziness for music and they made one more band in the college and that was the start of euphony. It was a condition of winning a world war extremely different feeling at that condition. We were the first band who performed in the very first year of college in cultural fest and got the appreciation coming like rain, the seniors gave me hugs and handshakes and all my efforts were fulfilling my dream and that is how started euphony band and I always was the manager and we never looked back.

TDI was one such band who offered me freelance drumming loved them very much but i don’t play for them now although we tuned to each other yet.

How college and other bands work across the country?
I can’t say how they are actually working .they just want to create music and search for an audience to entertain them. Just imagine how good they are but there is no one to spend 12 rs on i tunes to purchase a single from any band, Its hell in India but musicians knows nothing else but to love and enjoy music.

What are major events of your participation?
I can’t count it there are plenty of them but some big names I am associated with Balaji telefilms, Jamboree e.t.c.

What were the Reactions of parents and society towards your step being from engineering background working in music & modeling industry?
My family was shocked after knowing it and society criticized me but those who matters for me were very happy with my work and decisions. I had to face some financial crunch but modeling kicked it all out. People look at me like you are a model .oh my god one bad person here hahahahahahahahaha. i don’t complain they act according to their knowledge.

How did you start modeling?
I never had interest in modeling but it was good for money and I picked it to purchase my first kit, then to make my own jampad and studio. I have all the things I needed now .I am not a model just a musician.

How did you get a chance to work with balaji telefilms?
I never cared for my look and never dreamed to be a model as well but after college i was preparing for higher studies and started to take care of my looks and 1 afternoon I was standing at hauz khas metro and a Porsche came in front of me and offered for a portfolio shoot that was how it started. The twist is there was a prank a lot of people came to know that i am going to work as model and then in the next moment i was ashamed , i had no one to share I am stupid. I was broken actually and needed a lot of money. I could not sleep for many days then one night i just contacted my cousin brother who worked as model srikant Singh .He told me the way to work, I traced a lot of contacts and sent them portfolio and thank god he saved me. I got hell lot of offers after that you talk about balaji i got call from star plus for acting in Mumbai but i didn’t wanted to leave Delhi because i had my band here and i refused. Now I don’t know how this world would react after knowing this story. But for me its simple Just give your 100 % you will be successful. Now i am happy...

What is the best moment in your life till date?
Thank god when I search for a moment like this I can’t figure out 1 from a series of events and mostly all related to music. when I gave away my first concert my friend Sankalp helped me by lying to my family for an extra class when we rehearsing the show and said my mum that there is a band from Pakistan coming please visit the mall I am going to grab first position in the crowd shouting these lines I ran away and my mom was standing in the crowd and I stepped on the stage a crowd of 2000 people started to applause and roared my name and then my band name, my mother was shocked, she just cried and made it the best moment.

How you get an idea to start a jam heaven and tell something about it?
During the college times a number of my seniors dreamt of having a studio of their own and i was one among them after getting passed out every one got their job and involved into shit business. I decided not to get any job. The idea was to help other musicians like us who are not as lucky as we are and help them record their track and a place where they can practice without disturbing others 24X7 and we are available with this amazing place for the people.

At the jam heaven we teach almost all forms and all types instruments as per demand. It’s a jam pad with the best equipments in the market. We have our recording setup as well. It’s all available at very cheap rates.....
You can follow the jam heaven on facebook.com/thejamheaven

What makes you happy when you feel losing something in life?
The music of course and I use the feel to write some lyrics and create some music :)

What Advice you want to give to the young generation following their passion?
Don't listen to me follow your heart, do what you want to do. Try to live your own life it’s very short to live for others if someone is really yours he will be happy if you are happy and satisfied. Tomorrow if you fail you can say you were always there with yourself, you don’t need no one else to blame.

How do you see your success today?
It’s just an indication that I have to do more for this society and music nothing else.

How society changed their views from yesterday when you were nothing to today when you are good at your passion?
I don’t actually know. I always knew this world is a myth the people who love you will happy if you are and others follow you if you have money and you are success.

Your future plans?
It’s quite a personal issue but will be revealed soon if it will become successful definitely. It’s for music and society, we are about to release a new album and some music videos as well.
Thank you very much.....


  1. really a very passionate artist about his art. wish him great luck !!!

  2. Respect, I know how hard it is

    1. yes its really hard to survive but when a person have a passion to do something nothing can stop him from being a successful person



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