difference between imagination and real life of a writer


Imagination and real life both are a different and in case of writing it is totally a different. A writer combines imagination with the real stories which comes out to be a greatest articles but people compare the stories of them with the stories what they written in their articles .a real life in which a writer live is his/her life and he/she does not represent much of it in articles although writer always motivates from the situations and results what they face in their life to convert them into articles. In many cases writer choose the story of friends to write for the mass such that they can learn from it, in some cases a writer takes an interview with some of the person to write an article, in rest cases they write about their personal experiences but they mention it.

 in the initial phase of writing in which I am is a phase in which writer cannot define what they are  actually writing and what they should write  to get attention of people although  some of the articles get an attention but mostly not because writer do not know which audience they are targeting. In most cases the people and the friends which are close one thought writer to be a mad person and they do not actually get to read their articles in which some stories are from themselves experiences.

Writer real life can be a very happy life with lot of events and circumstances involved which makes them active in all format but maybe a writer writes an article for the poor and sad people it does not mean that it is the story of a writer there may be some instances that are matching with their story but the point is that the writer is overwhelmed by the condition of people and writes article for them.

I met some of my readers they said the articles you are writing is related to you? I shocked by their questions and replied them not all some of them are from mine but some of them are not. They told me many of think that what you actually write is your life and what you show to people is a pretending one. I replied them the real life and the article life is totally different , in real life a person is the exact what they are but in the articles it is not only I involved but my friends , my relatives and my guest person stories involved so if I write about love it does not mean I am in love , if I write about some accident it does not mean I am in accident, if I write about some war it does not mean I am fighting in war , take articles as a matter of a common way , it is not personally associated with anyone , enjoy the good part in it and neglect the bad part , if the article is good comment on it and if it is bad then reject it and do comment on it . A writer main aim is not to write his autobiography in a single article but to entertain the person , the difference between fiction and non-fiction articles are therefore identified.

If a person write about some biography then he/she clearly said it , if a person write a drama it is shown in the meaning  of it , if a person write a short stories it is about some person or a group , if a person write article for the mass it means it is mainly for majority not for his/her life or any others personal life. the basic thought I want to say that understand the difference between real life and imagination , do not impose the character in the article with the character of a writer .
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