live life or fight on road


<![endif]-->What is the best way to decide what we want from the future? life is unexpected ,someday we are on the top while other day we are down, someday we want to attain the peak while other we want to evade from it ,someday we love mountain other day we want to go close to the sea, is it life ? Is it desire? Is it our main aim to lead this beautiful world? Who we are? What we want? Where we want to go? Someday or other day everybody is asking the same question with yourself? We start living life in hope to get all the dreams and goals what we are expecting in our day to day life but what happen? Are we getting what we want to achieve? Is everything is so easy to get it? Is every place where we want to go is so safe? We do not have the answer of any question still we want to achieve what we dream and we desire what is it? Yes I will tell you what is it?

It is really a serious case to understand what actually is happening in most of our life , there is a road ,we are in the house ,some people came inside and told  I was in the journey on the road and was much happy and excited  there as of now , he/she shares stories with us , a child inside us want to know and feel the same depicted by our story teller, here comes a desire to look for a life outside the house ,here comes a dream to live a life on the journey of road , here comes a hope to becoming like a story teller.

There is a chain which is growing slowly , we are changing in the story tellers but at some time the story tellers become in a large number and the road to travel remain same ,now it starts the word competition yes competition ,now the people on the road starts fighting with each other and the person who is inside is winner and become the story teller , the person who went to defeat are known as defeaters , now nobody is living in the house everyone is fighting on the road , the road got a red color of blood , the road which was plain and straight now become a road with lot of fighters , the road is divided between us.
Each division got a new set of rules and regulations on the part of road , those who are more powerful become the king of large part of road , time again changes road is the same dictators changed and yes the no of houses increases but the road remain same , now the fight is not just to remain on the road but to ride effectively on it as of now road is divided but the technique is not , yes the more powerful person having a good technique can travel on the road more effectively , the people inside houses become the fan of them.

It was just a imagination don’t lost in the road is the world which is got divided into countries , houses are the family , the story teller is none other than the person who discovered the most part of the world and inspire the earlier king to travel to win more roads(countries), the technique are the professions, the person with better skills are doctors,enginers,architects,businessman,lawyers who know how to earn more and how to ride effectively( how to live better in a country).

Yes now you get it , I am talking about the same , I am talking about the behavior and desire of a person , which changed from time to time  ,sometimes it was just a desire to travel and sometime it is to fight but I am not going into the deep, I just want to tell the life is simple if we want to live it in simple , everybody in this world come with different mindset so every people must understand , yes competition is good but not at the cost of happiness, if we want to achieve some higher task ,we must have a reason for it not just only the money , now a day’s people do it for money but please understand it life comes only once and we should to devote it for what we like not for what money can be earn , do the profession which motivate you , do the task which enthusiasm you , just do it what you want , money is a small thing to be earn , more is the value and our respect in front of only one person who is yourself.


  1. dear dear dear.....u r great....teach me......
    The article is great....was relevant to my life i guess.

    1. thanks a lot bro if you liked it , its my pleasure if i can help you in some way



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