Let’s discuss about some factors that need a focus from our life, it’s about our happiness, it’s about our sleeping orders, it’s about our decisions, it’s about our relationships, it’s about our understandings, it’s about our satisfactions, I am going to talk one by one do comment what you realize about it and what’s your problem in adjusting it, it’s more a discussion rather than a article.

Happiness – the term happiness whenever coined in our mind, we start imagination about the smiles, happy faces, glowing eyes, fresh environment, positive attitude, good relationships. Is it any certificate we need to do all , yes the answer is no , it’s inside us what makes us feel good or bad , its inside us what make us feel best or worst , the thoughts inside the mind are more responsible for whatever we do mainly in our mind , as we start thinking positively the mind start acting freely and this lead to do the work in more better way which take through better results and certainly this lead to a happiness and everybody associated that person will be happy as such no fake factors inside his body.

 The most essential thing in our life is happiness if we cannot find this we are incomplete, if we cannot find a way to lead our life we cannot find anything attractive, so its better to make our mind free and always think positive whatever the case may be.

Sleeping orders- sleeping patterns after our life to a lot of extent, most of the doctors and famous personalities pointed out on this that it must not be less than 6 hours, as battery need a charger to function more effectively, similar a body need a sleep to work efficiently and our whole happiness depend on sleep, a sound sleep results in sound mind which automatically connects with every work, habit and decisions. A better sleep may do not make us drowsy during work, it also may not lead us feel shame during meetings or in classrooms, it always gives you a happy face and mind.

Decisions- decisions reflects us and our personality, what we decide today is the outcome we face in near future, the way we took our problems and solve in order to get decisions shows how we sincere are in our work , the decisions needs time to act on it , it needs a thoughts to work on it , it is not certainly a simple task that we can decide in few minutes , if we think deep in it , it is all an important task like any other important activity , the judgment about any decision must be given by us after judging the positive and negative both side of it.

Relationships- relationships define the behavior and reactions towards our life, what we do with others they respond back in the same way, we must try to behave in the same way what we expect back from them ,the cunning nature , the sad face , the terrified eyes , the egoistic attitude all reflects negative factors in our personality , we must neglect that kind of nature from which everyone go way , the relationships with friends , with wife , with colleagues, with family members all need the same kind of response from them.

 Understandings- it is also one of the factor that affects our life to a larger extent , what we see we understand from it , what we visualize we predict from it , what we listen we judge from it , what we think we represent from it , so the most part of understanding is its information , we must to check about what we receiving is correct or incorrect , we must to check about what we giving is right or wrong , we should not try to harass , comment , predict , punish to anybody whom judgment is just based on the facts we receive from our environment. We must to understand the feelings, the habits, the consequences, the positions of everything what we face in our life in a correct way, in this way only we can build our relationships and all in an effective way.

These all sums into a satisfaction in our life, these five factors are the main source of satisfaction  what we want to achieve in our life.


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