It’s a morning time ,I went to the terrace of my room and saw outside, there were hardly any person moving on the road, the air was smooth, the temperature was little cool ,some boy with their cycle moving here and there and putting newspaper into different houses, I thought about them, they providing the news of whole world to the person sitting inside their houses but  Are they actually aware about what is in their hand, I never saw anyone reading newspaper, it’s all about hunger that make them in distributing paper work for the money they could arrange for themselves to live their life. there were some men selling milk to the neighbors and I felt that how they can wake up in the morning and doing hard work around them  and also supplying it to the various families but they are also bounded by their profession, I  moved down and wanted to walk on the road ,after walking some distance I saw a huge crowd around the corner of a road ,I went there and asked what happening around their ,they told me they are there to sell themselves for the whole day for 200 rupees I asked what ? they told yes, they were the poor Indians working as a labor to build the country infrastructure but wait government still do not have any agency who could provide them security of job for the same, they have to be there for their survivals ,it’s ridiculous to see one people buying other .

I moved back to the flat, I was thinking about my last day and about my life ,its rocking in its own way but what about the country everybody is in pain someway or other ,I remember what the people of my age mainly do if they are in some professional field of study and I started shivering ,I moved on to see what there is happening in the morning of urban people, and I saw businessmen never wake up early but they want their labor to wake up early, the road outside is filled up with huge traffic ,everybody is running to reach somewhere but why are in hurry?, school students going to learn about the environment and skills of life but what they actually doing to just getting higher percentage to show their uncle and aunt superiority and nothing they are learning in it, college students going to colleges for building their technical skills such that they can get a decent job and can apply those skills in the market to get name, fame and money but the maximum percentage of people do they went to college for doing romance, for meeting their girlfriends ,even now a days a fashion come into existence of relationships sis-bro type , GF-BF type, just friend type

 what are all these about ?

Why they are killing their time?

Why they are destroying energy in these sorts of things?

The answer to this question is movies. People see movies for entertainment but at the end they want to live the character, they are more fascinated about and thus indulge themselves in such type of activities.

I am also not a very pure regarding it I also doing the same things but suddenly something happened that made me to think about it. I moved back and connected internet I realized, these are Skype,Facebook,twitter and other social networks that does harm to the society ,the culture between India and America is so different, we are forgetting our culture and adopting there, the life is so good when you are focused about your goals ,the life is so better when you are doing things you like, life is so better when you are getting things you want, but it becomes hell when you indulge in the activities you do not wanted to in but some activities lead you in. I learnt a great lesson in my life that you need not to talk to every one about happenings in your life, you have to share your secrets everyone in your life, it’s the nature which makes two people closer having common characteristics but we should have to control regarding it.

 When I went to outer skirts of the city there I saw a people spending huge money on shopping unnecessarily in the malls ,this mall culture is also somewhat responsible for economy down, and in front of it small children begging from the one who entering inside it, I went to some crowd area market and there I watched people fighting for penny’s from the shopkeepers so that they could arrange some more buying from it. people enjoying food that is not so good in service but amazing in taste. People are happy but money less, and the people having money are unhappy. I learned that a life is struggling for everyone but if we are struggling for our aim it will sure help us. But if we are struggling for the things other than our aim it will only lead us to demolishing our life with full of tensions and all.



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