Why do we(losers) forget our(winner) dreams ?


Time changes, it changes very fast. We go so busy in our life that we ultimately lost our purpose of living life, a life that we created in our dreams with our own imagination. A life full of travel, adventure, crazy and bumpy rides. Time is the real culprit; we start our journey in hope of something else and end up doing something else. There are diversions, distractions and people who helps us to forget our dreams.

Every year there are hundreds of ups and down in our life as each of it changes us a little and those little changes change us completely. Why we are so busy in a race that we completely neglect our soul to think of, to think about our ambition, goal, journey and life that we always want to have. We are in so hurry about finding new things that we completely stop giving attention to the things we already had. When we look 4-5 years down the line, we find ourselves completely different. If we had given a choice, we would never choose our future like this.

Laziness seeps into our body and morning routines no more in the schedule. Whom do we blame when we lost in our life? Exactly we blame the environment but no we should blame to ourselves. We should blame to the greedy person that reside inside us who is killing all the things that use to rejuvenate once. The person who killed all the hobbies, killed all the ignite that use to be the cause of participation in extracurricular activities, killed zeal to play sports and do exercise. The person who killed the inspiration to move butt and do something of our own. We have to blame the person and not the environment, not the neighbor, not person sitting next neither the culture nor the religion. It is we who made our life miserable and we have to accept it; we are the losers who killed ourselves just for the sake of little comfort.

Whenever we saw our future in the past we always saw ourselves of some value but when we see ourselves in the present we are nothing but a person with no aim , no goals , no ambition nothing. Our final target becomes just to earn money, earn money for what? When we sell our time earning money we get hardly any time to enjoy it. We sell our souls and involve ourselves into the activities that we never thought of and never ever imagine that we will do it. We go in the trap of this vicious circle of sitting and watching Netflix, ordering online and doing nothing. Not even a single activity that can truly tell our soul that yes this is you did for me.

We hardly care for anything and never sit to see what is going on in ourselves. What we actually wanted to have and we are trying for? What are my passions and targets and where am I investing the time. Not everything in our life is to please others. Sometimes we need to please ourselves, we need to look into our soul and we need to plan what it wants from us.

“Its really easy to sit in the crowd and watch action happening than to really gather the courage to learn and do it by own”



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