The Responsibility of non-fiction writers for the society


The responsibility don’t come only when you are deeply involved in something but sometimes it comes naturally to you if you are in a profession of communication. A profession that deals with communicating thoughts, ideas, stories, meaning, revolution or anything. Mostly writers are the one who communicate with rest of the world very often. People read them and get inspire from them. They get to travel an era of some 16th century or sometimes even go to the future with the way writer pursue the scenes in writing.

The responsibility that I think should come to writer is-

     Where society is moving: - The writing should define the purpose in it. Where the society is moving and how writing is dealing with it. Whether it is about correcting the path of the society or is it about giving some hints/ideas where it should move. It may be about politics, education, sports, technology or anything else. There should be the correct mention of it and it should not portray the wrong direction.

   What is there for the society: - The writing should contain material that inspire them to think as a whole. The content should describe correct and precise ideas in it. The society should find the answers for what they are reading the material. There should be details about logic, stories, connection, history, events and recent changes. The material should not be based upon the false evidence and stories that destroy society mindset.

   Preserving good things from last generation:- Revolution and change is a good thing but the writing shouldn’t talk about changing the good things from past. Again good differs from person to person but the writer who is communicating ideas must remember his/her own perspective and responsibility to not write about changing the good things or portraying them in a wrong way.

    Communicating ideas that can make the world a better place: - The ideas that writer is talking about should make this world a better place. The ideas should be from love, affection and help not from hatred, war and destruction. The ideas that talks about eradicating poverty, distress, syndromes, diseases and depressions. The ideas that helps a reader to solve his/her problem.

    Telling the youth what is wrong and what is right: - There are two directions for everything in this world. One leads to right and other to wrong. It is the responsibility to tell the youth which is right and which one wrong. The responsibility comes to the writer for changing the perception of youth and making them follow the right path.

    Should avoid writing for cheap publicity: - There are contents for which writer can fall for which people love to read but creates lot of damages and destruction to the society. Writer should avoid writing on these topics.

  Should inspire younger generation: - The content should inspire younger generation to help and lead the society, to make it better place to live, to make it peaceful and happy one. The writing should contains the stories, results, incidents and statistics that helps youth to inspire and achieve milestones in their profession.

   Should write reality more than the fantasy:- The reality keeps reader realizing and relating with the current world. The fantasy takes them to out of the world. Reality helps them in understanding the world; fantasy leads them to depression and loneliness. The thing that exists in real world if writer describes like that then chances are that reader will connect with the content and do not pity on their lifestyle.

There are lot of people search multiple things everyday on the internet and it is our responsibility to provide them accurate and correct knowledge. It is our responsibility to help them in finding the solution for what they are searching for rather than deviating them for any other path. We are the people who change the world and is our responsibility to say bad to bad and good to good.



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