Yuvraj Singh : WORlDCUP T20 LESSONS ?

So you are doing fine in your work , you are also one of the best person in your career throughout your life, you had got a lot of awards and prizes for yourself and also make contribution in your organization growth , you have an awesome past that reflects your behavior and personalities about who you are ? Your colleagues inspire from you and always want tips from you, you also got the best performance in you and you are known for it to the whole world? SO DID THE YUVRAJ SINGH ………..

I am a very complex writer so you miss a single attention and you will end with no learning, so keep yourself attached to this article till the end to get maximum from it, yeah I know you are thinking about what Yuvraj Singh can teach us, he is a cricketer and in last inning he choked and performed worst inning of his career, that’s the only point from which I will tell you the human behavior that can teach you not to choke in life ever.
So there are basic three terminology used for symbolizing time in one’s life that is: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, I will talk about it only –

PAST-   Past is a great source of knowledge about which you are today, whatever you have performed in your last decade is something with which people understand your personality. Maybe you were best, may be you were worst, any achievement you have achieved, any failure you have received all comes in your past and your present is known from that experience only. Yuvraj Singh has the same situation by making contribution in

U-15 World cup, U-19 World cup, 2007 World cup, 2009 World cup, six sixes in a over

All his performances says he is best and he fights for cancer, return back, even he can’t hold spoon after surgery but he returned back and hold bat that’s the best he can do from himself, you had all have similar experiences but at a point when you have all things and you are known to the world, why should care about more performances. Learn these points from your past….

·         Every day you are a new so don’t compare with past.
·         Every day you have definite goals so don’t inspire from past.
·         Past is gone, try to live in present.
·         Past is a glory for you but on the basis of capabilities take your decisions for today.
·         You can be the best in past but in present many more come who are better than you.
·         Always realize about your present condition, don’t look it from past.

PRESENT – present is what you are today, try to live it accordingly who you are today, maybe you have a lot money in your past and everyday you went for the party to enjoy it but today you haven’t so cut the parties and accept today situation, YUVRAJ SINGH faced the same situation, he had a power in hand from which he earned name but today he doesn’t. Still he is trying to prove and that’s why this happened to him. May be the same situation with you, “you can earn position in a sector from you prestige but not performance”. Learn these points from your past..

·         Do you still perform like your past if no? QUIT.
·         Do you have a caliber and power like your past if no? QUIT.
·         Do you still have followers like the past if no? QUIT.
·         Do you still earning awards and medals regularly if no? QUIT.
·         Do you still the best person what you known for if no? QUIT.
Then what to do …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

FUTURE -   future is about what you are going to do in your future from understanding present situations and values. if your answer is NO then you should try to find the opportunities from which you can earn more name and fame related to that section and best is you can be a mentor , you can be a coach , you can be advisor , you can be a host .you can start your own business , firm . You can write a book so that other can understand how you have achieved all this. You can help others understanding how to remain calm and positive after quitting from career. Learn these points for your future….

·         Choose a single domain to give best from your experiences.
·         Choose a field in which you will be respected like in your career.
·         Choose a position from where you will not lose your fame but earn more.
·         You have enough number of followers already try to increase it to other sections.
·         Retirement is not about that you can’t do it but it’s about you left it for others to perform and chase their dreams you have earned enough.
·         Live like a winner not a loser.

Okay I am going, meet you in the comments. Write your views in comments we will discuss it further, I know all of you are eager to post your suggestions---




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