Yes you heard write it’s a writer workshop in a business school at IIM-LUCKNOW by famous author Mr. Sankalp Kohli. Did you ever feel about how the writing may helps you in attaining your goals?  If no then this workshop simply told everything about its title “The art of storytelling “. How a story can change your destinations? How a story can change your paths to accomplish your goals? How a story can help you to build relations? How a story can help you in building contacts and management? To know all this before I want to introduce about Mr. Sankalp Kohli –

Who is Sankalp Kohli?

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Gender                             male

Website                           https://www.facebook.com/sankalpkohli11

Twitter username      sankalp_kohli

Genre                                Romance, Science Fiction

About this author

Born and brought up in Kanpur, Sankalp is a MBA Graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai. An entrepreneurial soul with an imprint of a perfectionist, he is a workaholic who believes in turning every single moment of life into something constructive and fruitful. 

He is a person who holds his parents above all, especially his mother. All his dreams and aspirations are driven by his wish to make his parents feel proud.

His first attempt with pen, in form of ‘Because…Every Raindrop is a HOPE’, released this year, has been gaining immense success and has already hit ‘the National Bestseller’ tag. His second book is ‘When I found you’.

After you get to know about him, yes now I am in a position to dictate what I had learned in his extraordinary workshop and want you people to learn this art that can surely help you in future at some point or the other.

What is a story?

I don’t think it’s some jargon or a heavy meaning word that you don’t know, it’s a simple what is actually a story is? You are listening stories since from your childhood from parents, grandparents, teachers, in home, in classes, with friends, with shopkeepers, everywhere you are narrating a story to make a conversation stronger and catchier or anybody is doing the same with you. Did you ever notice how easily you narrate a story around you to save yourself from punishment by your parents or teachers, how you made a stories in your schools about forgetting a homework or forgetting a copy. How you narrating a story in front of girlfriends and boyfriends in various moments? In fact your life is totally revolving around stories and you can understand what better the story is?

How you can tell story in your work culture?

Whether you are going for an interview or going for a simple discussion with your boss or teachers, just make story around it, it’s better to tell the incident while narrating into story than in a direct way. when you go for an interview tell them about how you made yourself capable for this job depicting about your hard work , about your smart work , about your projects , about your aims & goals. When you are going for a discussion with some senior make story around it about the work you are involving, how the clients are behaving? How the colleagues are behaving? How you are facing difficulties and what’s the solution of it?

What makes a good story?

A good story is not where you tell about everything from beginning to end , it’s somewhat in between the struggle and success, you can’t make a good story until you don’t have any prediction about your future , you cannot make a good story until you have not a case studies in your hand of the same type . an entrepreneur, businessman, boss, student or a teacher is not going to win situation by simply narrating a story but from a good story, a good story is having a taste, humor, facts, reality, incidents, emotions .when you see an advertisements what you feel they are nothing but just a story around a product that makes you fall in it to buy it. The same can be applied to yourself if you want to sell yourself for anything just make a good story around your career, personality, freedom ,aims , goals and expectations.

What people love to listen from your story?

People never love you telling about your good side, it seems that you are overreacting and branding yourself in front of them, people love to listen your dark side, full of with struggles and about the theme how you have attained so much. People never listen the results but they want to listen the process of results. Just dictate them about how you got this entire if you are in a good position, tell them how you are struggling if you are in a bad position but never tell them exactly in which position you are? Story is about telling it in a way after judging the mood of person, even your grandparents or parents told you stories according to your mood in your childhood, some stories have lessons in them, some have an entertainment in them but you were listening each and every story with same passion. People have same tendency yet if you tell them story according to their moo they will listen them with same passion whatever may be your story is.

After reading these four points I think you are now in a position to understand about “ the art of storytelling “ it’s an art like any other work once you are good in it nothing can stop you to make you success. The points are not exactly the same from workshop but I understood from this workshop by a great personality Mr. Sankalp Kohli. It’s a long discussion topic I write it in a short form, i will go into detail someday about this very catchy discussion part by part.



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