IIM (Indian institute of management) -Lucknow one of the best management institute in the country and MANFEST one of the awesome management festival of the country. I got a chance to be a part of it through YOUNG LEADERS PROGRAM organized by IIM-L. I was unable to write for a very long time due to my busy schedules but here it goes a series of articles from my pen extremely for you from some great experiences I faced recently. So first one is a session by Harsh Mariwala sir extremely enthusiastic , full of power , full of motivation , full of struggle , it was totally an inspirational teachings to the young entrepreneurs from this extra ordinary person. It starts from here-
Forbes magazine tells about him as-

Net Worth                                                                                                                                 $1.45 Billion
Source Of Wealth
Consumer goods
Mumbai, India
Marital Status
Bachelor of Arts / Science, Bombay University
Harsh Mariwala controls Marico, the $2.2 billion (market cap) consumer goods firm best known for its Parachute hair oil, Saffola cooking oil and more recently, Saffola breakfast cereals such as oats and muesli. Earlier this year he restructured the $740 million (sales) firm, combining its domestic and international businesses into one unit under one CEO.

Mr. Mariwala focused on many issues but what I want to tell you about some basic concepts that if in an organization it’s been regulate, it will be boost energy to the work culture. The article is based on totally my views and what I understood from his speech that talks about three points.
·         openness in an organization
·         innovation
·         entrepreneur culture

Openness in an organization

1.       Open house culture- individual must be free to ask anything about their work or either they may be encourage to do so , because an organization will never go to success unless and until its employee is not going to success. The terror and strictness must be there but not so that employee will take back their steps before asking anything.
2.       Relationship reviews -  it tells about the likes and dislikes in an organization , lets people talk about it , when you know the dislikes its better to improve the facility for them and you heard about likes it’s better to praise your employee for it.
3.       Clear policies- Clear policies must be circulate in the organizations about performing and not performing of the activities and work, this will reduce the confusion between different levels of management orders.
4.       Trust in an organization- whether or not this is an important aspect for anybody to succeed in an organization and its path goes from the trust in an organization , without trusting organization and its policies one cannot contribute to the success of him/her self or an organization.
5.       Job rotation- it’s the nature of human being that he/she got bored quickly from their work , job rotations makes them to concentrate about their work by doing variety of tasks , an organization must have this culture for their employees to make feel them they are working in a company having diverse work culture.


·         Innovation is something that makes feel you doing something extraordinary that do not exists in this world currently now, it’s something that is used to do for getting extra mile from your competitors using limited resources you have , it’s that something that can change the scenario of the world on a single day , it’s that something what you call the technology is today now , it’s that something what you have in your smart phones and in your minds. Yes Mr. Mariwala told about it also-
1.       Innovation can be attained by doing the regular and real results.
2.       Innovation can be attained by doing the things differently.
3.       Innovation can be attained for an organization when top management does not hesitate for making decisions.
4.       Innovation can be attained by believing in own idea.
5.       Innovation is overcoming from copycat.
6.       Innovations create difference in the market.
7.       Innovations can increase the market shares.
8.       Innovations means to take the risks.
How It can be achieved?
·         Improve the product qualities.
·         Capture the emotions to brand the product.
·         Motivation through something that can enthusiasm the work team to do something better and make them into full of confidence.
·         Extending the boundary of supply to the far places.
·         Launching them in a feel that this is for the contribution to the development of world.

Entrepreneur culture

1.       Market research is important for an entrepreneur.
2.       Contacts buildings are important for an entrepreneur.
3.       Focus is important for an entrepreneur.
4.       Entrepreneurs do few things but they do in an excellent works.
5.       Portfolio choice is very important for an entrepreneur.
6.       Check the competition before entering to the market.
7.       Capabilities are necessary to building growth of individuals.
8.       Influencing others by social, talent, trust, image, culture is an important.

After reading about 843 words you are thinking about actually what I had written apart from my image , yeah I know the article is written on the basis of speech and up to some extent I written my views in between them but in short if the organization or an individual wants to conquer the world in its field, these points must be adopted one cannot make out innovation without having entrepreneurship culture and it will not fit into organization unless and until organization is not adopted to the open work culture , it’s the success that can be achieved by combining all of them under a single roof.


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