“Losing my Religion” is a marvelous book giving you every kind of entertainment. Specifically its initial part gives a lot of teaching regarding motivation. The middle part of the book express the careless feeling of youth enjoying all kind of celebrations , love , competition , travelling , outings e.t.c. The last part is although look likes some imagination but it can make your body still until you do not complete the book in a one go. It’s full of surprises, entrepreneurship, business, fight between good and evil. It’s something that you want to enjoy inside it.

The three main characters defined in the book lived in it. It is not the only their talks and chemistry between each other but their emotions , happiness , feelings everything is so well described that all the characters are revolving inside the brain while reading it.

It starts with a bankrupt Entrepreneur rishi who lost everything in saving his dream “a game company” In media, city, and sectors everywhere news about his failure went on like a fire. He got an offer from a US based internet company as a CTO to continue his journey but he rejects it because he didn’t worked in under of anyone ever. His entrepreneur skill challenged him to not to do so. He sold his only SUV to travel the country, to travel for peace.

His encounter with Alex teaches him how to enjoy the life carefully, how to live life for what it has been given. Then they joined together to explore the Country travelling through Himalayas and went on one by one interesting events in their life around the journey. The life in MALANA makes them crazy about life. They got bags full of malana cream and sold out them to start shack near a beach. Here it shows entrepreneur can change anything into a business and they turned shack into a profit business.

During the trip to Goa while participating in game tournament rishi met Kyra (last year champion). Their souls met each other with their eyes, sensation developed in between them. After the tournament rishi was back with his skills. Kyra came to their shack to spend a week they both went out from two bodies to a single in hut behind shack. It all went crazy between their lives.

After it the ride of book is on peak, it tells you about separation of love, why tears come so usually in the eyes? How one can stand again irrespective of his current situation. Travelling across kumbh mela journey with rishi becoming millionaire again with his entrepreneur skills. Kyra life before and after. The challenging show between businessman in top news channel funding from top shot business man of USA. How it turned to a greatest live show ever on T.V? How the top businessman challenged rishi to show his entrepreneur skill? Everything is fun inside it.After reading you will remember about these three beautiful ways of lives from the character of rishi, Alex and Kyra.

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