how to become a programmer and get a job?


The competition across the globe is increasing at much pacer rate than any other thing and if you are from computer science department you have to more careful regarding it the increasing number of colleges inside a country with lot more increasing number of candidates opting for computer science is serious job for you .As you all know if you are a B.Tech graduate having a sound knowledge of programming you are going to demand for higher pay scale from the company you are going to work with but in the similar case there are lakhs of undergraduates who do not have a decent degree from a good college but they know everything what you know are also willing to work with company at low pay scales so company will always hire  a candidate who is suitable for his corporation at low pay scale and also skilled as much as any other professional ,so question arises then what to do next ? There is a simple answer regarding it you have to be a perfect in the technology you know……………….how?

  1.  You have to be a perfect in a technology you know.
  2. You have to update yourself with the current technology you are opting for work.
  3. You must have projects ready to show your skill in the corporate world. 
  4. Your cv is more important than your degree so make it in killer way to attract companies.        
  5. You have to work on new ideas that are currently processing in software world.
  6. You have a reason in your mind to love your field in any case.
  7. Don’t go to learn all the technology.
  8. You have understand thoroughly about Data structure and oops.
  9. You have to be in a touch of your bosses /seniors.

I will write in next series of posts about how to implement the above points.            




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